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BMW 2002 Turbo


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MW 2002 Turbo


silber metallic

64455 km

Factory sunroof, factory 5-speed sportsgear, matching engine!


A very rare car, one of 1673 pcs build, (all euro specs) as the first turbo charged serie production car world wide.

Only available in white or silver metallic. These cars where originaly equiped with plastic wheelarches which are not allowed in Japan, therefore

these have been modified with metal expansions like it is now. The condition of the car is fair, there is some rost in the passenger door and back hood. But underneath there are no rost issues visable in fact the undercarriage looks perfect. The engine is originaly delivered in this car (matching) and runs smooth and starts quickly. The 5 sportgear (dogleg) needs to be overhauled.

The mileage of the car looks to be genuine. Since ’91 the car has not been driven much. The interior looks very original and clean.