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Porsche 924 signalgrun ***1 owner ***


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Porsche 924



black leatherette

32670 km from new!

40 years ago Porsche started with the transaxle concept. The engine in the front and the gearbox in the back, for perfect balance.

This car is a very early transaxle ever produced by Porsche. #52 in modelyear ’77. Delivered new in Japan.

The condition is completely original, just as presented in the catalogue  from ’77 and still remembered by Porsche at the celebration of ’40 years transaxle’.

We serviced the car with a new stainless original exhaust, new filters and oil, new belts including timing belt, new battery, new shockabsorbers in front, new distributor and spark plugs.

The car comes with Dutch oldtimer registration plates, number 26-YD-15 and APK valid for 2 years.

Now the car is ready for much fun or a museum!